Are You Sharing Your Bed With Bugs?

Are You Sharing Your Bed With Bugs?

We'll make your bed bugs dead bugs

Is there anything more horrifying than a case of bed bugs? If you suspect you have a bed bug issue, you'll want to get in touch with Hunt Exterminating Company Inc right away.

Bed bugs can:

  • Spread across your home like wildfire
  • Grow quickly in numbers
  • Hide in dark nooks and crannies
  • Leave nasty bites, usually in threes

Don't waste time trying to exterminate bed bugs on your own. Only a professional exterminator is equipped with the right tools and treatments to successfully eradicate them.

Call 727-447-3200 and 727-544-3067 today to schedule bed bug remediation services.

Learn more about our green treatment

Once Hunt Exterminating Company has performed a thorough bed bug inspection, we'll proceed with an effective treatment. Our green treatment is not only safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods, but it's also more effective at getting rid of bed bug infestations.

Our aggressive approach will effectively eliminate any and all bed bugs, as well as their eggs. Contact us today to get a free estimate for bed bug removal services.